White Paper: A sustainability tsunami is heading towards the packaging industry

White Paper: A sustainability tsunami is heading towards the packaging industry

Thomas Reiner | 31.05.2021

A sustainability tsunami is heading towards the packaging industry – and few are prepared. A new white paper* from Berndt+Partner Consultants describes the scenario, the driving forces, the revolutionary consequences and shows possible solutions. It is a warning voice that should be heard, because most of the industry is unprepared. Yet not only are the risks historic, so are the opportunities.


The packaging industry is on the verge of a revolution – and few are prepared. The instant situation is reminiscent of a tsunami, the spectacle of which leaves many onlookers mesmerized but inactive. This is fatal. Because when the wave reaches the land, it is long too late to act.

The new white paper from Berndt+Partner Consultants (available here) is a warning voice. It describes the force and the causes of the sustainability revolution. It reveals the industry’s lack of preparation through a survey of executives. And it shows ways to profit from the historic opportunity of disruptive change. Because every revolution produces (few) winners and (many) losers. If you want to be among the winners, you have to act now!


The B+P sustainability white paper: 10 theses for 100% future

The ten theses of the new white paper by B+P Consultants are based on intensive market observation and the experience of 45 years of sustainability work. In order to be able to precisely assess the current situation in the industry, 270 executives in the industry were surveyed in advance about their activities and assessments in the area of sustainability.


The ten theses of the white paper:

  • The EU’s Green Deal is forcing a radical rethink at all levels. The packaging industry is facing far-reaching upheavals.
  • Sustainability is making waves. The third beats all.
  • The Green Deal is a revolution for Europe and makes sustainability an institution.
  • Vigilance for the environment creates growth for business.
  • The packaging market is on the verge of radical change, revolutionizing packaging.
  • Regulations don’t only force lockdowns, they force action.
  • The big players are shaping the game – and more and more are joining in.
  • The future is no accident, but the result of a clear strategy.
  • Packaging with vision: Strategies already result in concrete solutions.
  • Innovation is not an individual battle, but intelligent team play.
  • The difference is made by those who seize the opportunity now and secure the lead.


Sustainability is not a free skate, but a duty

The industry is still underestimating the extent of developments. And at the same time, it overestimates its own preparations. That’s not a good combination. The good news is that you can take your destiny into your own hands. No one is condemned to stand by and watch. However, if you want to be among the winners of change, there’s no time to lose now.


* For questions regarding the White Paper, please feel free to contact my colleague Oliver Smith: smith(at)bp-group.de

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