The ‘paperization’ trend continues: NORDSEE with new to-go packaging.

Photo source: NORDSEE

The ‘paperization’ trend continues: NORDSEE with new to-go packaging.

Thomas Reiner | 03.06.2022

Fast-food chain NORDSEE is introducing new packaging made of corrugated cardboard for its out-of-home sales. The new to-go packaging replaces the previous packaging made of plastic and aluminum. Paperization has now become a mantra. For more and more products and applications, manufacturers and brands are relying on the substitution of plastic with paper. This trend will continue to grow – as long as the cycles for plastic are not closed.


The new corrugated cardboard solution comes in two sizes, covering NORDSEE’s entire to-go range. For plated meals, the company resorts to a three-piece box version that is microwaveable.


The corrugated board solution in detail

Both the snack box and the take-away tray have the following features, according to the company:

  • A water-based coating with so-called foodwave and comba papers provides resistance to grease and liquids. The coating is free of emulsifiers and solvents.
  • The boxes including the coating are heat-resistant and thus also suitable for the microwave.
  • According to the company, the treated F-flute is just as stable as untreated solid board and is easier to print on. The flexo postprint process is used.
  • The boxes are stackable.
  • Fold-in tabs vent steam from the food.
  • Disposal can be done via the waste paper garbage can.



NORDSEE GmbH, headquartered in Bremerhaven, was founded in 1896 as “Deutsche Dampffischerei Gesellschaft NORDSEE” by Bremen shipowners and merchants. Today, the company has more than 350 outlets and, with its restaurant, snack and retail sales channels, claims to be Europe’s leading supplier of fish specialties.


Paper, paper, paper

Paperization on every corner: There is no end to the triumph of paper. The material’s good image of sustainability among consumers makes it the absolute favorite when it comes to substituting plastic. As long as it is not possible to close the loop on plastic, this situation will not change. On the contrary, developers are working hard to open up more and more areas of application for paper.

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