Tesco & Loop accelerate renaissance of reusable packaging in B2C

Source: Tesco/Loop

Tesco & Loop accelerate renaissance of reusable packaging in B2C


Thomas Reiner | 10.09.2020

Together, Tesco and Loop are testing waste-free online shopping with refillable deposit packaging. Customers in the UK can order around 150 products in durable and fully recyclable packaging. The products also include sauces, yoghurts, soaps, cereals, moisturisers, chocolate and cleaning products.

Tesco compares the concept to the milkman of old. The goods are delivered to the front door and the used packaging is later collected from the consumer. To do this, the customer puts the packaging in the same bag in which they were delivered and notifies Tesco online, ideally together with a new order.

After the durable and fully recyclable packaging has been cleaned by Loop, it is refilled by the product manufacturer and delivered again by Tesco. There is a deposit on each packaging, which is fully refundable on return.

According to Tesco, the main aim of the campaign is to find a scalable, reusable solution to reduce plastic waste. The retailer plans to gradually extend the pilot project to more products and markets, if it works and is successful.

Even if it is only a test at first, it shows the direction: Reusable transport packaging is experiencing a renaissance. Already established in the B2B sector, it is now also conquering the B2C sector. The decisive motor for this development is digitalisation. It makes the concept fundamentally possible and accelerates the transition from one-way to reusable packaging. Digital transformation and sustainability thus go hand in hand.

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