Sustainability can no longer be delayed

Sustainability can no longer be delayed

Thomas Reiner | 27.09.2019

A recent survey by Accenture confirms what we at B+P have already been preaching for many years: the topic of sustainability can no longer be delayed. Companies urgently need sustainable products and packaging. This is especially true for brands.


The desire for more sustainability and conscious consumption has become increasingly anchored in consumers’ thoughts and actions in recent years. Companies are meeting a new reality here. Sustainability is more than just a trend – and therefore can’t be delayed any longer.


Results of the Accenture survey for Germany:

  • 93% of respondents cite the quality of the packaging / product as the most important reason for their purchase decision.
  • 86% named the price as crucial.
  • 85% of consumers believe that it’s important or vital for companies to design their products and packaging to be recyclable or recyclable.
  • 48% are willing to spend more money on more sustainable packaging and products.


The survey confirms the results of other studies (see chart) and aligns with our own experience and beliefs.


One thing is clear: Consumers give brands a clear mandate in terms of sustainability – to which they must respond. There is no way back – only forward!

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