Over 80% of packaging companies do not have a clear sustainability strategy.

Over 80% of packaging companies do not have a clear sustainability strategy.


Thomas Reiner | 03.09.2020

At the beginning of 2020, the strategy and marketing consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners surveyed executives on trends in the paper and packaging industry. The results of the study are in line with what we ourselves have been observing in the market for a long time: Too much hesitant reaction contrasts with too little stringent action.

  • Only 12 percent of the company leaders surveyed stated that they were pushing the issue of sustainability emphatically on their own initiative and conviction and with a clear vision.
  • More than half of them do not yet have a clear strategy when it comes to sustainability, but lose themselves in the most diverse individual initiatives.

The striking counterpoint of these results: Customers and retailers are increasingly demanding sustainable packaging. More than a quarter of B2B customers have long been willing to pay more if the product is sustainable.

Obviously, a large part of the packaging industry still lags far behind when it comes to sustainability. Customer wishes and expectations are surprisingly ignored. This is a mistake. Because “eyes closed and through” will not work when it comes to sustainability. On the contrary, those who close their eyes will fall by the wayside.

Those who instead tackle the issue of sustainability in a stringent and well thought-out manner will be offered great opportunities. Early movers in particular will be the big winners. And it is not too late to set off. The focus is not on proactive action per se. What matters most is the right strategy.

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