Less e-commerce than expected during corona-crisis, despite high demand

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Less e-commerce than expected during corona-crisis, despite high demand

Thomas Reiner | 27.05.2020

It may seem surprising that the number of online purchases is below expectations. Especially in times of Corona, one would have expected a dynamic increase. And there is one, for example in the number of online first-time buyers.

As the INNOFACT Corona Trade Tracking from the 16th calendar week in April 2020 shows, first-time buyers make up a not inconsiderable proportion of all online buyers, especially in the DIY, beverage, food and drugstore product segments.

If the overall figures for e-commerce are nevertheless below expectations, this is due to a performance problem in the system.
Reasons for not buying despite buying interest are cited by respondents to the retail tracking survey, for example:

– Too long delivery times (30 %)
– concerns about delivery costs (27 %)
– Lack of availability of the desired products (18 %)

There is a high level of willingness to engage in e-commerce among consumers. But the system was not prepared. Where goods are not available or delivery is delayed, the desire to buy cannot become reality.

We can assume that the chain is doing its homework. They will be better prepared for dynamically increasing consumer interest in the future. E-commerce will emerge stronger from the Corona crisis.

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