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Leading the Group

My name is Thomas Reiner. As CEO of Berndt+Partner, I am pleased to give you a brief insight into our work and values.

I have been a part of the packaging world for over three decades. I have seen, experienced, and shaped a lot. What has never changed is my curiosity about people and issues, and my passion for change.

Berndt+Partner is my home. We are visionaries with an eye for the big picture and pragmatists with a passion for detail. And we don’t come empty-handed.

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Involved in the establishment of the first university course in packaging engineering


Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board (1990-2018)

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Co-Founder, owner and CEO

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Member (1997-2018)


President & Founder (2015)


Driving Change

We love transformation and have always pioneered it. This ethos is ingrained in our DNA and has been the guiding force behind Berndt+Partner’s work since the inception. Over the years, we’ve amassed vast expertise and built an unparalleled network.

Explore our milestones. We are pioneers with a passion.


For a long time, the industry was only concerned with performance and costs. In 1976, our founder Prof. Dieter Berndt introduced the topic of the environment as a further, central factor, thus paving the way for sustainability.


Change needs empowerment. That's why our founder has been training packaging engineers as a global pioneer since 1982.


At the end of the 1980s, we introduce the first life cycle assessments in the packaging sector to make sustainability visible and assessable.

At the beginning of the 1990s, we are involved in direct discussions on the world's first recycling law.


In 1990, Prof. Dieter Berndt and Thomas Reiner founded the German Packaging Institute (dvi). It networks companies from the entire value chain for the first time.


This was followed in 1997 by the founding of the German Packaging Museum in Heidelberg. It is the first public place dedicated to packaging and its merits.


In 2003, we introduce the first innovation management so that companies can innovate successfully in the long term.


In 2004, Thomas Reiner launched the first national packaging academy. Since then, it has been dedicated to the training and further education of career changers. As Berndt+Partner, we are still training and empowering people today from Japan to Turkey to Brazil and the USA.


In 2007, we introduce the first sustainability management system, giving companies the opportunity to improve continuously and in a way that can be planned. Today, our first customer is one of the leading sustainability players in the industry.


In 2015, we revised the strategies for the first industry focus with a view to digital transformation and gave digitization an organizational home within the company.


What distinguishes us from the beginning is the holistic approach. Our view has 360° but it goes forward. Berndt+Partner connects origin and future, industry and people, environment and innovation.


For many years, the industry focused solely on performance and costs. In 1976, our founder, Prof. Dieter Berndt, introduced the environment as an additional central factor, thereby pioneering the path towards sustainability.


Change requires empowerment. That's why, since 1982, our founder has been a global pioneer in training packaging engineers.


In the late 1980s, we introduced the first life cycle assessments in the packaging sector, making sustainability both visible and assessable.

In the early 1990s, we actively participated in discussions surrounding the world's first recycling law.


In 1990, Prof. Dieter Berndt and Thomas Reiner co-founded the German Packaging Institute (dvi), establishing the first network for companies across the entire value chain.


In 1997, we were involved in the founding of the German Packaging Museum in Heidelberg, the first public institution dedicated to celebrating the merits of packaging.


In 2003, we introduced the first innovation management system, enabling companies to innovate successfully over the long term.


In 2004, Thomas Reiner established the first national packaging academy, committed to training and further education for career changers. Today, as Berndt+Partner, we continue this legacy, empowering individuals from countries spanning from Japan to Turkey, Brazil to the USA.


In 2007, we introduced the first sustainability management system, enabling companies to pursue continuous and structured improvements. Today, our inaugural customer stands as one of the leading sustainability players in the industry.


In 2015, with a focus on digital transformation, we revisited strategies for our initial industry emphasis and established an organizational framework for digitization within the company.


From the outset, what sets us apart is our holistic approach. Our vision is 360°, but it's always forward-looking. Berndt+Partner bridges the past with the future, connects industry with people, and marries the environment with innovation.


Embodying Partnership

For over 30 years, leading minds, brands, and companies from across the globe have entrusted us with their visions. At Berndt+Partner, our customers are more than just clients; they are our companions. Integrity and deep identification with our clients’ goals are central to our journey together.

We cherish enduring relationships, truly living and breathing partnership in all we do.

The Market

Embracing Radical Change

The current climate in the markets is characterized by extremes. Changes are not just disruptive; they have deep implications, and they’re occurring at an unprecedented pace. Predicting the future based on the past is no longer viable.

Radical change is now the norm. It has upended many long-standing conventions and norms. However, where there’s disruption, there’s also opportunity. To truly capitalize on these changes, one must not only understand them but actively shape them.

At this juncture, let us delve into four core topics.


  • Over the next few years, the industry stands to lose 30 percent of its workforce. The talent drain is pronounced, and the skilled labor market situation has become critical.
  • People’s own work-life balance is becoming a fundamental expectation, transforming job demands and aligning with a work culture that demands agility and personal responsibility.
  • Businesses must place individuals at the heart of their operations. Employees seek active roles in shaping companies, as contributors rather than mere resources.


  • With climate change, water scarcity, food security, and species extinction, the very bedrock of our existence is under threat.
  • The public discourse is awash with discussions on CO2 emissions, the circular economy, waste management, and sourcing of raw materials. However, we’re only at the precipice of a greater revolution.
  • This escalating pressure originates from governments, NGOs, and consumers and is being channeled directly onto brands, retailers, and the broader industry.


  • Politics has veered away from reason, with ideology driving a surge in regulations, often sidelining open dialogue.
  • This political climate, characterized by its unpredictability, places a heavier burden on businesses than even workforce shortages or environmental issues.
  • For businesses to remain agile, it’s essential to recognize and understand political shifts early, enabling timely and effective responses.

Digital Transformation

  • Digital transformation, as a sweeping disruptive force, is reshaping markets, processes, technologies, and society at large.
  • The era of offline is over. Perpetual connectivity and online presence mark our age. Innovations like Big Data, platform economies, digital twins, robotics, e-commerce, and social media are revolutionizing how we live, interact, produce, and consume.


Personalized, Direct Support

Change begins in the mind. With our Executive Services, we provide decision-making support, inspiration, and guidance. We offer direct and effective assistance, whether through one-on-one dialogue, group sessions, or stakeholder circles.

Explore our Executive Services and hold us to our promise.

In our keynotes, we tackle the pivotal challenges confronting the industry.
Words, when spoken effectively, can be potent catalysts for change. Our expertise is evident from over 500 speeches we've delivered at industry events, customer gatherings, and management sessions worldwide. We confidently present in both German and English.
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A Dialogue on Trends and Strategies for Decision-Makers.
We visit your company for tailored stress tests or strategy check-ups, initiating dialogue based on your strategies and challenges. Alternatively, we can kick off with a comprehensive presentation on pivotal trends, followed by an in-depth discussion.
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Twice a year, we curate intimate gatherings of industry's leading minds.
Throughout the year, we unite 150 decision-makers in 12 focused circles. Participants from every value chain facet gather in a competition-free space to address brand issues, build connections and engage in direct dialogue to gain valuable feedback.
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Whether as a mentor or a sparring partner, we provide one-to-one individualized coaching.
Leadership can often feel isolating. We provide a genuine understanding and candid feedback, engaging as peers. Our executive sparring is tailor-made, aiming not only to offer a brief insight but to truly expand perspectives.
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360° Expertise for Your Supervisory or Advisory Board.
We provide boards with expansive insight into market dynamics, navigating challenges and viewpoints, identifying opportunities and assessing feasibility. Without market orientation even the most decisive compass can lead astray.
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From Idea to Impact

With our three distinct subsidiaries, we span the complete range: from consulting and analysis, through development and innovation, to strategy and communication. Each entity embodies the Berndt+Partner DNA, showcasing a defined profile enriched with extensive expertise, deep market insights, and unparalleled know-how.

We invite you to get to know us better.

Matthias Giebel


B+P Consultants are the premier consulting partners for the packaging industry. They stand for strategy consulting and positioning, equipped with unique market intelligence and expertise spanning sustainability and regulation to innovation and digitalization. The value chain is their domain.

Christoph Waldau


At B+P Creality, the essence is in the name: where creativity converges with reality. Their distinctive offering lies in their holistic expertise, stretching from strategy to branding, and from design all the way to technical implementation. The interdisciplinary team consists of designers, engineers, conceptioners, developers, market researchers, tinkerers, strategists and idea suppliers. B+P Creality reliably puts ideas on the road and on the shelves worldwide.

Marcel Gehner


B+P Communications epitomizes meaningful communication with depth, catering both to internal and external audiences. Its starting point is a clear understanding of the target groups. Her tools include selecting the right topics and channels, for which she designs appropriate messages and content that offer genuine value.


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