Even in the beauty sector paper is replacing plastic. Example Catrice

Source: Catrice

Even in the beauty sector paper is replacing plastic.

Example Catrice

Thomas Reiner | 13.12.2019

As long as the plastics industry does not succeed in closing its cycles, consumers will continue to increasingly see the answer to sustainability demands in paper and cardboard.

The substitution of plastic by paper is continuing in the cosmetic sector. The cosmetic brand Cosnova has introduced a paper lipstick under its Catrice brand.

The Catrice lipstick was offered between September and November 2019 as part of the “Pure Simplicity” special campaign. The cosmetic products of “Pure Simplicity” are characterized by the fact that they are free of animal testing and additives. The fact that Cosnova chose paper packaging as an ambassador for this particularly ethical and natural-biological product line was clever – and logical.

The Catrice paper lipstick is a relative novelty in the cosmetics sector. It attracts the attention it deserves and is particularly well received by young target audiences. The sustainability promise of paper packaging fits perfectly with the target group’s desire for ethically clean standards and organic products.

The success of the paper lipstick clearly shows how big the sustainability advantage of paper currently seems to be. This is mainly due to the fact that paper, unlike plastic, has functioning cycles.

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