Digital Transformation. On-pack AR on eco-refill packaging from Unilever

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On-pack AR on eco-refill packaging from Unilever

Thomas Reiner | 05.09.2019

Unilever uses augmented reality (AR) for its new eco-refill packaging for its household cleaner Cif. The move is part of Unilever’s strategy to develop new offerings for cross-linked always-on packaging. AR is a key element of this strategy.

Unilever wants to consistently use packaging as an always-on media channel in order to address and activate consumers at the point of product use. Augmented reality should be part of the integrated marketing activities and not an isolated one-off activity.

By using AR, one wants to make sure that the content and information one provides is always relevant and highly attractive. In order to achieve this, AR has to contribute positively to the customer experience and deliver real added value.

Unilever launches its on-pack AR on the eco-refill packaging for the Cif detergent The refill packaging is, according to the company, an innovation in the Household Products segment. Consumers can refill their already used spray bottles with an “eco-refill”.

The augmented reality offer provides instructions on how to refill and how to reuse unnecessary spray bottles, as well as information on some “surprises” not yet revealed at the time of the report.

Five key contexts have been identified for the use of augmented reality on packaging:

  1. Communicating transparency and messages on sustainability and recycling
  2. Storytelling
  3. Demonstrations of the practical application of the product
  4. Promotions and games
  5. Social sharing activities such as face filters.

For the own enterprise with the employment of augmented reality on the packaging one aspires a higher meaning and value of the brand for the consumer. In addition, one learns a lot about the consumer experience of one’s own brand. These learnings can be used well to further optimize the experience.

Another plus is that one can offer customers more shopping options. For example, via connected eCommerce pages – provided AR is used as part of an integrated and networked packaging programme.

In future, Unilever expects to provide consumers with personalized and dynamic content through packaging platforms.

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