Covid-19 drives hygienic packaging design

Covid-19 drives hygienic packaging design

Thomas Reiner | 24.06.2020

G & S Business Communication conducted a representative survey of 1,058 US citizens aged 18 and over on 17 April 2020. The focus was on the topic of food safety. The results show that consumers are significantly more concerned about the hygiene and safety of their food than was the case before Covid-19.

The results in detail:

  • 54 percent of the respondents are concerned about becoming infected with the coronavirus through the consumption of food.
  • 66 percent fear that they could become infected through the surface of food packaging.
  • 44 percent therefore clean food packaging with a disinfectant before opening.
  • 66 percent expect the players in the food packaging industry to communicate proactively about measures to ensure a hygienically reliable and high-quality supply of food.

It can be stated that the corona pandemic has led to a new awareness among consumers of the importance of hygiene and food safety. As a consequence, the demand for and the importance of hygienic packaging designs is increasing.

Hygienic packaging design can not only relieve consumers of concerns about infection via the surfaces of food or food packaging. It can also be a powerful tool for the players involved to differentiate themselves from the competition and to stand out from customers and consumers.

This is all the more true as consumers expect not only appropriate precautions from industry, but also proactive and transparent information about risks and measures to eliminate them.

Especially in the times of Covid-19, the old rule “do good and talk about it” therefore applies. Those who can now stand out from the competition with hygienic packaging design and meet consumer concerns with proactive and transparent communication will emerge from the crisis stronger than before.

For the packaging industry, this also offers the opportunity to fundamentally demonstrate the vital services of packaging and to provide valuable, image-enhancing information.

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