Circular Economy. no-plastics revisited: Supermarket chain tries again

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no-plastics revisited:

Supermarket chain tries again

Thomas Reiner | 19.09.2019

Recently, UK supermarket chain Iceland had to end an attempt to sell fruit and vegetables without plastic packaging. The reason: a sharp decline in sales. Now the company is trying again.

In spring 2019, Iceland launched two pilot projects on sustainability and plastics prevention in selected UK supermarkets.
• For instance, bananas were no longer wrapped in foil but rather with a paper band.
• In addition, 35 fruit and vegetable products were offered unpacked.
• Another 27 presented themselves in new, sustainable packaging such as compostable bags, paper bags and cellulosic nets.

Iceland reverted back after only three months. Obviously, consumers did not accept the new alternatives. Sales of the previous goods had fallen by 20 percent.

Nevertheless, the company is sticking to its conviction. In July, a new attempt was made to offer bananas “plastic-free” – with a test run in 20 supermarkets. Also a new attempt with unpacked fruits and vegetables should start later this year.

According to the company, it is looking closely at discounters in Germany, who are showing how it can be done.

It is therefore remarkable how Iceland is sticking to its sustainability convictions and trying again, despite a sharp fall in sales following the move of going plastics-free with some of its products. True sustainability starts in the DNA of a company, growing from the inside out.
That is in line with our mission at B+P, striving to assist companies in becoming truly sustainable and ultimately fit for the circular economy, especially regarding their processes and communications, as well as their packaging. Sustainability is our passion. We would love to build on your ideas. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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