Circular Economy. McDonald’s: Innovative recycling of to-go cups and fewer disposable items

Source: McDonald’s Deutschland


Innovative recycling of to-go cups and fewer disposable items

Thomas Reiner | 11.09.2019

Following the recent test of a model restaurant for waste and plastic prevention, McDonald’s is taking further steps towards sustainability: with the abolition of the first single-use plastic articles, reduced packaging volume and an innovative Pioneering action in the recycling of togo beverage paper cups.

Less plastic
From October, McDonald’s plans to replace the plastic holders of the balloons with paper variants.

Less packaging volume
By the end of the year, the four packs of Chicken McNuggets will be served in-house in a paper bag. The bag replaces previously used paper folding boxes.

Innovative paper cup recycling
Together with its logistics partner Havi, McDonald’s is breaking new ground in recycling the paper beverage cups. Since April of this year, the cups have been collected separately and processed into drywall walls in a material recycling. In addition, a pilot project is testing the preparation for hygiene paper.
Around 1,000 tonnes of paper cups are to be recycled each year.

McDonald’s claims to be the first company in Germany to recycle disposable cups.

Two months ago, we reported on an experiment by McDonald’s with the “Model Restaurant for Reducing Waste and Plastic.” You can read the packaging alternatives tested there in our B+P Game Changer blog.

The sustainability initiatives lead by McDonalds are a good step in the right direction, but one must evaluate these with precaution. In order to achieve more in the end than just a successful image campaign, the sustainability aspect of the packaging has to be fully thought through, planned and implemented holistically from the very first product idea.

That is precisely our mission at B+P, striving to assist companies in becoming fit for the circular economy, especially regarding their processes and communications, as well as their packaging. Sustainability is part of our DNA and is our passion. We would love to build on your thoughts and talk about it. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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