Circular Economy Initiative Germany

Circular Economy Initiative Germany

Thomas Reiner | 20.08.2019

The concept of the circular economy aims to decouple human welfare and economic development from environmental damage. In the recent “Circular Economy Initiative Germany”, packaging is becoming the main pillar.

The concept of the circular economy has gained dynamism and momentum in recent years. It is about the way we produce and consume as a society. The demanded and required change is fundamental: moving away from a potential disposable society and towards practical, regenerative systems that allow us to manage with fewer resources, generate less waste and radically reduce climate emissions.

On the way to a circular economy, where Germany is not highlighted with a specific strategy – even though the country has sharpened and marked the debate on the circular economy since the early 1990s at an international level.

The Circular Economy Initiative Germany now wants to initiate and promote a science-based discourse on the potential of the circular economy in Germany. In addition, a roadmap is to be drawn up, the development of which involves industry, science and other stakeholders of the society.

The roadmap is a common target and a concrete plan offer, like the transformation to a circular economy in Germany. Practical applications should also be initiated, for example in the form of collaborative projects. The road map is beyond the policy as a way to guide and provide concrete action and objectives.

An important topic that is to be promoted in working groups in the next two years is a new packaging value chain.


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