Bottled water is main source of microplastics in our bodies – The industry must proactively seek solutions

Bottled water is main source of microplastics in our bodies:

The industry must immediately & proactively seek solutions

Thomas Reiner | 28.01.2020

After the discussion about the occurrence of microplastics in the ecosystem, the next headline topic is emerging: microplastics in the human body. The concrete extent of the risks and dangers to our health is still being researched. The focus is on the leaching of plastic additives that may be contained in the particles and harmful microbes.

However, one thing is already clear: who will be at the centre of the discussions. It is the plastic beverage packaging. This is because it is the largest source of microplastic particles in our bodies that has been detected to date.

Current research estimates that every person absorbs at least 74,000 – 121,000 microplastic particles per year through drinks, food and the air. Based on four studies, bottled water contains an average of 94 microparticles per litre. On the second place comes beer with around 32 particles. It is followed by air with around 10 and tap water with around 4 microparticles per litre.

As an industry, there is only one way out: we must proactively seek solutions. And we must start immediately. Because the topic has enormous negative potential. Once it reaches the wider public and the social media, it will no longer be controllable.

But how do you start it? In any case with consistent issue management. And with the right partners.

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