B2B digital ad spend increases by over 20% YoY

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B2B digital ad spend increases by over 20% YoY

Thomas Reiner | 05.11.2021

Spending on B2B digital advertising is growing rapidly. Growth rates of over 20 percent show that more and more decision-makers are discovering and using digital media for themselves. In parallel, digital advertising opportunities for customer acquisition and customer activation are growing. The development increases the pressure on laggards and forces increasing investments. The linchpin: the right message must be conveyed to the right target group with the right content via the right channel. Content rules!


Digitally supported marketing has been on the rise for years.

  • Between 2019 and 2020, B2B digital ad spending in the U.S. increased nearly 23 percent, from $6.64 billion to $8.14 billion.
  • Market data and forecasts from eMarketer released in August 2020 show B2B marketig spending growing at a rapid 20.5 percent annually.
  • Even the Corona pandemic could not stop the increase, only slow it down. The bottom line was still 10 percent growth despite Covid 19.


Reasons for the growth

  • The target group of B2B marketing is increasingly on digital channels. Relevant decision-makers are increasingly using the Internet and, in particular, social media offerings such as LinkedIn.
  • In parallel, new, differentiated opportunities for digital advertising are emerging. For example, B2B marketers can use usage-oriented pay-for-results models (performance marketing) to spend their budget specifically on growth purposes and measure it live. The focus is particularly on new customer acquisition and existing customer activation.


Opportunities bring constraints bring opportunities

The shift away from pay-to-play models such as branding and toward online advertising shows that B2B companies are increasingly recognizing the opportunities presented by digitally supported marketing and seeing it as a growth engine. But the trend also shows that investments must be made – in content.


Content is key

Content is increasingly playing a central role when it comes to driving growth via digitally supported marketing. After all, the real key to success for B2B companies today requires delivering the right message with the right content to the right target audience via the right channel. Content is key!

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