30% of all global revenues through platforms by 2025

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30% of all global revenues through platforms by 2025

Thomas Reiner | 14.01.2020

Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb are among the most successful companies of the digital age. What they have in common is the business model of the platform. As a platform they connect producers and consumers, enable interaction, value creation and exchange of value.

These platforms are successful because they create an ecosystem through networked services that enables the satisfaction of a variety of very different needs and brings everything together in a single, integrated experience.

Consumer ecosystems currently originate primarily in the areas of travel, health or household. B2B ecosystems, on the other hand, are predominantly created around dedicated decision-makers, such as those responsible for marketing & sales, operations, procurement or finance professionals.

McKinsey predicts that by 2025, 12 specific, massive ecosystems will emerge to satisfy basic human and organizational needs. These twelve ecosystems are then expected to represent $60 trillion in revenue. That would be a market share of 30 percent of global sales.

The design and composition of these ecosystems will vary by region and market, based on regulation and consumer preferences. But one thing is clear: the development will not stop before the packaging market. On the contrary, it offers the best conditions.
Three characteristics stand out:

  • The packaging market is highly intransparent
  • The packaging market is highly fragmented and complex on both the supply and demand side
  • The packaging market is very capital intensive. High investments, for example in production facilities, are offset by the risk of insufficient capacity utilisation

How does one act as a company in the packaging market in the face of these upheavals? Preferably courageously, decisively and creatively. Dodging away is no solution. Looking ahead is.

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