Video game playfully educates consumers about the importance of sustainable packaging

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Video game playfully educates consumers about the importance of sustainable packaging.

Thomas Reiner | 22.05.2023

The northern Italian company BOTTA EcoPackaging wants to educate consumers about the role of sustainable packaging for environmental and climate protection with a video game. The fact that the manufacturer of fiber-based packaging for the B2B sector is relying on gamification is an exciting approach. It has long been clear that consumers want coherent and understandable information on the subject of sustainability and packaging. Relying on a playful approach, digital media and moving images promises to be successful. Because it grips younger target groups in particular intuitively and emotionally. Product advertising included.



The family company BOTTA EcoPackaging has been part of the “Ondulati Maranello” group since 2007. As a B2B company, it produces fiber-based packaging and describes itself as a pioneer in the field of sustainable solutions.


Glass and paper against the ultimate opponent plastic

In the video game, the main character wanders through a polluted environment in the form of a fragile glass bottle and has to avoid enemies in the form of discarded plastic bags. The glass hero gains energy in the form of paper, which is also used for his own protection. The more plastic bags that are “defeated,” the larger the paper armor becomes, which not coincidentally come in the form of BOTTA products “Flexi-Hex Bottle Protection” and “Eco-Single Bottle Pinch Top Box.”


Playful education, advertising and image

The video game is designed to teach consumers about packaging and its role in reducing waste and CO2 emissions in an entertaining and interactive way. At the same time, the company can promote and market some of its key products in an original way – and strengthen its own image as a responsible supplier of sustainable products.


Gamification brings advantages

BOTTA’s video game is anything but “state of the art” in terms of game technology, graphics and complexity. But that’s not the point. Modern, digital and moving image-supported forms of communication and consumer education are particularly good for the packaging sector.


Gamification brings advantages

Of course, the design of the game world with plastic as the final opponent is interest-driven. But the approach of gripping consumers emotionally and addressing them via intuitive, interactive media deserves praise. After all, the need for information and education is there, as numerous studies and surveys have repeatedly shown. Modern media formats can be a key factor here.


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