Coca-Cola launches beverage bottles without labels

Image source: The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola launches beverage bottles without labels

Thomas Reiner | 02.09.2022

Coca-Cola has launched rPET beverage bottles without labels for its Swiss mineral water brand Valser. The logo and product information are embossed directly into the bottle. The barcode is found on the cap. The label-free bottle is a great and bold approach. It goes in the right direction and shows the potential beyond recyclate use and recyclability. More and more clearly, the entire system is being rethought – opening up new avenues and innovative approaches for an optimized circular economy.



Since 2019, the beverage manufacturer Valser has already been selling its mineral waters in bottles made from 100 percent rPET. Now the brand, which belongs to Coca-Cola, is one of the first companies in Switzerland to do without the label as well.

The first Valser products to be offered without labels are VALSER Sparkling, VALSER Still and VALSER Still Calcium & Magnesium. According to the company, the above products are already available and are being tested on the market in the new 750 ml size.


The advantages of label-free

  • Less packaging material is needed.
  • The decreased resource consumption and shrunken production process reduce the use of energy and water, which also improves the carbon footprint.
  • The decreased packaging volume leads to decreased packaging waste.
  • Eliminating the label simplifies recycling and brings efficiency benefits.


How it works:

  • Product information and logo are embossed directly on the bottle body.
  • The barcode required for retail sales is printed on the top of the cap.


Onward, ever onward

Eliminating the label is a great and bold approach. It’s a move in the right direction and shows that we don’t have to stop at the use of recyclate and recyclability. What’s more, we can’t stop there!

Because there is more to it – if we look at everything holistically and think in a new way. If we question the system completely and put it to the test, completely new paths and approaches open up. You can simplify and push circular economy in a completely different way once again.

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