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Paperization: Kraft Heinz launches fiber-based cups for the microwave

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Paperization: Kraft Heinz launches fiber-based cups for the microwave

The substitution of plastic with paper is a big player in the ongoing revolution of the packaging market. The focus of paperization is on the climate and the cycle. The new, fibre-based, recyclable and compostable cup for the microwave from Kraft Heinz also bears witness to this. The fact that a real industry heavyweight is setting out on this path is telling.


The global shift toward substituting paper for plastic is not only unabated, it’s disruptive. Paper is making further inroads into market areas that were previously the pure domain of plastic. This is particularly noticeable in the area of rigid packaging.

The focus of this development is currently on the aspects of climate and recycling. Here in particular, brands are looking at where advantages can be generated. And paper, especially when it replaces previously used plastic, comes in at just the right time.

The current example of a fiber-based, recyclable and compostable cup for the microwave, which also replaces the plastic label with direct printing, is further evidence of this development. It is particularly exciting that Kraft Heinz, a real heavyweight, is getting involved. This shows how big the topic has already become on a global level.


The Kraft Mac & Cheese cup

– The packaging is the first recyclable fiber-based cup for the microwave in Kraft Heinz’s brand portfolio.

– It is currently being tested and is expected to hit shelves during 2021 for the new Kraft Mac & Cheese Shapes variety.

– The cup will also receive a new design for this purpose.

– According to the company, the cup will be recyclable and (industrially) compostable.

– As part of the plastic reduction, the previously used label will also be eliminated. Instead, digital direct printing technology will be used.

– Specific recycling instructions on the cup will make it transparent and easy for consumers to dispose of the packaging correctly.

– The new cup is part of Kraft-Heinz’s commitment to use 100 percent recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging by 2025.


Paperization, climate, circulation

Rigid packaging is a focus area for Paperization. The substitution of plastic for paper is particularly rapid here for two reasons:

  1. the packaging gains recyclability through the use of the fiber material.
  2. rigis, unlike flexibles, have a fairly high plastic content. Its substitution promises a correspondingly high climate effect.


Solution for disruptive times?

At Berndt+Partner, we think that every material has its justification. You can’t boil everything down to a single solution. The diversity and multitude of products, segments and markets create different conditions, for each of which a separate, optimal answer must be found.

Irrespective of this, the example of Kraft Heinz shows how important the topic has now become. The development is disruptive and Paperization is a big player in the ongoing revolution of the packaging market.

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